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Data collection and environmental monitoring in agriculture are most complex activities, normally requiring expensive equipment. Data collection should preferably be carried out close to the stratum of plant cultures, as this way obtain reliable data on the microenvironment where the plant is located. The objective this study was to develop a low-cost data collection system to obtain parameters related to luminosity, soil moisture, air humidity and temperature in an agricultural environment. The specific methodology of product development and Arduino prototyping platform were used to assemble the Datalogger system. Functional tests were carried out in two greenhouses A1 and A2 for a period of 24 hours. The system design, with the use of sensor supports, allowed the collection of data without interruption and with adequate accuracy. The Arduino platform and accessory sensors proved to be perfectly applicable for data acquisition and storage in greenhouses. The developed Datalogger prototype showed a cost reduction of 600 to 3000% compared to components available on the market with similar functionalities.


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