Processing and Peer review

Submitted articles that meet the "Instructions for authors" will be forwarded for double-blind evaluation by reviewers who are experts in the subject of the work.

After review by two reviewers, whose anonymity is maintained throughout the process, the article returns to the Editor, who will decide on publication. If the opinions are conflicting, the Editor may, at its discretion, forward the article to a third reviewer. The Editor is solely responsible for deciding which submitted articles would be published in the journal.

Articles returned to authors for corrections must return within 30 days, and otherwise, the process will be terminated. All manuscript revisions must be accompanied by a letter specifying the changes made to the original document, and these changes should also be indicated directly in the manuscript.

Rejected articles, subject to reformulation, may be resubmitted after restructuring as a new work, initiating a new double-blind evaluation process. Articles accepted and published in the Brazilian Journal of Biosystems Engineering (BIOENG) are made available under the terms of the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).


Processing of the article in the journal

The Brazilian Journal of Biosystems Engineering (BIOENG) adopts a strict ethics and peer review policy, sending submitted articles for evaluation by at least two reviewers.

When submitting an article through the journal's system, the corresponding author must be indicated, responsible for maintaining communication with the journal throughout the evaluation and publication process. All authors must have an updated registration in the system to carry out the submission. The preparation of the manuscript must follow the rules established by the journal.

The article processing steps are described below.

1st Step: Pre-analysis

 After submission of the article, the Editor will assess its adherence to the journal's scope. If the article does not fit the journal's profile, it will be denied, and the corresponding author will be immediately informed of the final decision. After this first analysis, the pre-selected article enters the processing phase. It is forwarded to the Editorial Office, which will check compliance with all submission rules and analyze text similarity with other published works (plagiarism analysis using Turnitin software). Suppose the article presents a high level of similarity or does not meet the standards. In that case, it may be refused or returned to the corresponding author for adequacy and clarification.

2nd Step: Double-blind review

The article selected in the 1st step will be assigned to an Associate Editor, who will indicate the area's evaluators (at least two) specialists. The Associate Editor is responsible for monitoring the merit evaluation of the article, being able to decide between denied, suggested corrections, or approved.

If corrections are indicated, the corresponding author will be informed and must, within the established deadline, correct and resubmit the article with a letter indicating and/or justifying each of the points and doubts indicated by the reviewers. The Area Editor will decide on the need to forward to another round of evaluation or make the final decision, which may be denied or approved.

3rd Step: Production

The Associate Editor will forward the approved article to the layout and final production of the article. The Ethics Committee will again evaluate the text's similarity with other works at this step. It will check the other requirements related to the ethics of the publication (link to the journal's code of ethics). Corrections or clarifications may be requested from the corresponding author if any is needed. The article approved by the Ethics Committee will be diagrammed, and the final version will be sent for proofreading and the authors' manifestation regarding their agreement or corrections. The article will only be published when the corresponding author agrees with the final version on behalf of all authors.

4th Step: Publication

The final article approved by the authors will be forwarded to the Editorial Office, which will assign a DOI electronic address, publish the article on the journal's website and inform the authors. If the authors find any important error after publication that needs correction, they must inform the journal within three days for the correction to be carried out.