• IBIARA CORREIA DE LIMA ALMEIDA PAZ Professora do Curso de Zootecnia, da Faculdade deCiências Agrárias da Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados. Dourados - MS.




Gait Score, Preventive Measures, Losses in Avian Sector


Animal welfare is undoubtedly one of the points in which broiler chicken producers must payattention, in order to get better profit and to be placed in the international market. However, to havea broader idea about some points imposed by importer markets is needed, as they sometimes donot present scientific basis and are more related to non-taxes barrier rather than problems in theproduction cycle. Among those factors that affect animals' welfare, locomotors problems can beenhanced, mainly in confined animals. These defects may affect losses up to 6% in commercialflocks of broilers, besides other losses non-calculated in slaughtering chain by fractures and he-matomas. There are several methodologies to diagnosis locomotors problems; however, the mostwell known is the gait scoring by its easiness as it is applied, and for gather distinct types ofwalking disabilities. It is known that this methodology is rather subjective, and it can interfere indistinct levels of evaluation, depending on the adopted method. Locomotors problems should beavoided as after being found in flocks the losses are inevitable.


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